What Is 'Nduja? Rachael Explains & Names Her Favorites

Photo credit: iStock Aired October 06, 2020

If you've noticed, Rachael has been using 'nduja to add spice to her pasta recipes lately — like her Pumpkin Spice Pasta.

No idea what 'nduja is? No worries. Rach explains & even reveals which types she buys.

What is 'nduja? 

'Nduja, or Italian sausage paste, is "Calabrian in origin, from the southern part of Italy," Rachael explains. "It's literally a thick paste and it is made of pork product." (And it's spicy!) "You can use domestic or imported 'nduja — it's more and more readily available." 

Hot tip: Aside from pasta sauces, 'nduja is also delicious on pizza, on toasted bread or in a grilled cheese sandwich!

What 'nduja does Rachael use?

Rachael likes to use La Quercia 'Nduja or Tempesta 'Nduja.

Is there a vegetarian substitute for 'nduja?

Rach says vegetarians can substitute Calabrian chili paste for the same effect. "Use a couple of tablespoons, tops."

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