When Should You Stop Being Naked In Front of Your Kids? A Parenting Expert Answers

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Most parents change their clothes in front of their kids up until the kids reach a certain age. But how do you know what that age should be? When should you stop being naked in front of your kids?

Parenting expert and family physician Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a.k.a. Dr. G, has some advice

"This is a question that every parent I know has, because changing in front of your brand-new newborn… it's hard to be dressed in front of your brand-new newborn, so you don't think about that really at all," she says. 

"Here's where it's not okay. It's not okay if it makes you uncomfortable, or when it makes your kiddo uncomfortable. Every adult has a different point at which this happens. Sometimes gender matters, sometimes gender doesn't matter to the person," Dr. G says, "but as long as it's still comfortable for both of you." 

"Most kids, when they get close to puberty, will start wanting their own privacy, which is a good indicator that they might not want you to change in front of them," the doc adds.

The bottom line? "The best lesson you can teach is respect and consent. So you just ask."

Dr. G suggests saying something along the lines of, "Hey, I was going to change. Would you like to leave the room for a minute, or are you comfortable if I change in front of you?" Again, this teaches your child respect and consent. 

And speaking of valuable lessons taught at home, Dr. G's also got you covered when it comes to teaching your kids kindness.

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