Why Do My Eyebrows Itch and Flake During the Winter?

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Hot weather makes us sweat and cold weather makes our skin itch and flake.

What gives?!

Well, the good news is, we're all in this together -- and gastroenterologist Dr. Roshini Raj can help.

Q: “When it’s cold outside, my eyebrows start to itch. And then the skin underneath starts to flake and it’s really embarrassing,” says studio audience member Sharon. “It this normal? Could it be dandruff?”

A: People often do get this, particularly in the winter, explains Dr. Raj.

And while it *could* be dandruff, “many people are prone to eczema, which is a skin condition that can cause some flakiness,” she explains.

“This can definitely get worse in the winter time when our skin is drier and more chapped,” the doc continues.

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This unsightly problem can also be caused by a build-up of soap or shampoo. “Sometimes when people are using soap or shampoo, they don’t really wash it off properly and a little bit of that accumulates,” Dr. Raj says.

She suggests gently exfoliating your eyebrows with a dry toothbrush. (“Gentle is the key word," she stresses!)

Afterward, apply some moisturizer which will revitalize the skin and keep the flakes and itch at bay!

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