Working From Home During Coronavirus? Quick Desk Setup Ideas For Even The Tiniest Apartments

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It's looking like a lot of us are going to be staying home and working from home for a bit longer than we originally thought — and if you're still getting used to your setup, you're not alone. You might be sharing your new "office space" with your family or roommates, which means you might not have enough space or quiet to really concentrate. Your kitchen table might be doubling as your desk, which means you run the risk of getting food and drinks on your computer all day. Or you might be having technical difficulties that your friendly IT co-worker down the hall is usually able to help you with right away. 

Well, we can't claim to help solve all of those problems, but design guru Taniya Nayak has a few tips for working from home and clever desk setup ideas for your temporary office.

HOME OFFICE SPACE #1: Dining Table or Counter
THE SECRET TO MAKING IT WORK: Quick setup AND breakdown action plan

Some people don't have a choice but to use their dining table or kitchen counter as their workspace. The challenge?

"At the end of the day, the table or counter still has to function as a table or a counter," Taniya points out. 

The key to making this work is making it easy to put everything away and then set it all up again the next morning. Taniya recommends having a dedicated crate, basket or box that you house all your papers, laptop, etc for the night OR using a rolling bar cart for this purpose.

bar cart
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HOME OFFICE SPACE #2: Guest Bedroom
THE SECRET TO MAKING IT WORK: Position Your Desk To Face a Window 

office window

Of course, a guest or spare bedroom is an ideal temporary workspace that we don't all have as an option — but if you do, make sure your desk is facing a window. 

"We're all video conferencing now," Taniya says, "and this is the best way to get the light to directly hit your face, so you look perfectly lit every single time." 

Plus, the sunshine might even boost your mood!

HOME OFFICE SPACE #3: An Unused Blank Wall or Corner In Your Living Room or Hallway

Taniya says this is the perfect time to use an under-utilized corner or area of your home. But if that means you're facing a blank wall, safely hang a large mirror at the back of your desk so you're not staring at, well, a blank wall all day long.

mirror desk
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And no matter where you end up setting up your workspace, get out of your PJs! Taniya likes to get ready for her day as if she weren't staying home. After all, getting dressed might put you in a better mindset for the rest of your day and bring back a sense of normalcy. It's worth a shot, right? Even if only for a couple days a week! 

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