World's Smallest Restaurant: Farmer's Fridge Is More Than Just A Vending Machine

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Check out the world's smallest restaurant: Farmer's Fridge.

"It starts with a chef-driven menu, and then we're actually hand-chopping and making dressings from scratch. And then we deliver to the fridges every single day," Farmer's Fridge CEO Luke Saunders explains. 

Farmer's Fridge Salad Jar Trio
Farmer's Fridge

"The Department of Health actually came to us and said, 'This is a lot more like a restaurant than a vending machine, so we'd like you to register and get inspected like a restaurant.'" This means that each smart fridge is held to restaurant health and safety standards.

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You can find Farmer's Fridge in hospitals, at universities, schools, airports, office buildings and more. "We have over 400 locations across six states," Luke says.

When you're done, you can even recycle your bowl right back into the fridge!

See how Farmer's Fridge works in the video above.

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