Jason Priestley's New Memoir & His Story of Survival From a Horrific Car Accident

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Jason Priestley is here with stories from his new, self-titled memoir that is sure to satisfy fans of his hit TV show, 90210, eager for more details about that cast! He's also sharing his own story of survival from a near-fatal car crash in 2002, which was the initial motivation for this book and new life goals. “While I was lying in my hospital bed in Indiana, I set a lot of very lofty goals for myself, for my life and for my career,” explains Jason. He realized he reached those goals nearly two years ago. “It felt like the right time to write a memoir about my early life and the achievements I had early on, and then things that I achieved in my racing career, then that accident that stripped a lot of those things away, and then rebuilding my life.”

He goes on to explain the horrific consequences he suffered from the crash, including his broken back, shattered feet, and the struggle to relearn how to speak.

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