A Former CIA Officer Gets You Out of a Carjacking

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired November 18, 2014

Are you worried about getting carjacked while shopping this holiday season? Replace your worries with three practical tips from former CIA officer Jason Hanson. Check them out, below.

1.) Keep Your Elbows Bent at the Wheel

When adjusting your seat, Hanson says you should always "stick your arm straight out over the steering wheel."

"You want the steering wheel to rest right in the crook of your wrist," he says.

The reason?

"When you hold the steering wheel at 9 and 3, your elbows are bent and you can turn the wheel all the way around."

"If [a carjacker] is standing in front of you and trying to carjack you, you can swerve around them."

2.)  Adjust Your Side Mirrors

Hanson says another way to prevent a carjacking is to simply adjust your side mirrors.

"If you get in your car today and you can see any part of the back of your vehicle, he says, "push the side mirror out."

This trick, he says, will do wonders for your peripheral vision.

"It allows us to see more in our blind spot," Hanson reveals.

3.) Use the Two-Finger Thrust

If a carjacker suddenly gets close to you, Hanson advises that you to use a technique he calls the two-finger thrust.

The technique is fairly simple: Take your index and middle fingers, press them together and jab them into the lower area of your carjacker's throat. The effect, Hanson says, will almost cause them to gag.

"If [the carjacker] is trying to get into [your car], just sit there and jab [them] immediately," he says. "They'll recoil … and fall, and that'll give you a chance to run away."

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