The ‘Dancing Anchor’ Busts a Move with Rach!

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Earlier this month, West Virginia news anchor Dan Thorn took the Internet by storm when videos of him dancing to today's biggest pop songs -- among them 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift -- on air went viral.
Now, the affable member of the CBS 59 team is chatting with Rachael Ray to explain his reaction to being in the news, instead of reporting it, and the various responses he's gotten from his now millions of fans.
"They just can't believe it's turned into this," he said of his news team, which includes his hilariously deadpan co-anchor, Sarah Pisciuneri. "We never expected or intended it to become what it is now. Before you know it, I'm sitting here with [Rachael Ray]."
Since the videos went viral, Thorn says a number of people have reached out to him via Facebook and email with various booking requests; however, he insists he won't be quitting his day job anytime soon.
"I've still got a job to do; I'm still a news anchor," he says. "I still gotta show up and make sure that people trust me [to read] the news."
Still, that doesn't mean he can't enjoy a few perks of fame -- like, you know, marriage proposals from his fans.
"Things are faster today, right?" He quipped. "[People are like], 'Let's just get right to it.""
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