Paul Shaffer Remembers the First Time He Met David Letterman

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 12:21 PM, February 4, 2015

Aired June 11, 2015

Much to do the disappointment of many late-night fans, 'The Late Show With David Letterman' is ending its decade-plus run in May.

Now, with the finale just a few months away, Letterman's band leader, Paul Shaffer, is looking back on his long relationship with Dave, including the first time they actually met.

"I was asked to come in a meeting with him; he was looking for a band leader for his show," Shaffer told Rachael Ray on Thursday's episode. "He had seen me on 'Saturday Night Live' ... He and I hit it off."

What was Paul's first impression of Dave?

"He and his producer [were asking me] what kind of theme song [I would play]. And I said, "Well, the kind of band I would have would play ... a stripped-down R&B unit that played instrumental versions of [The] Temptations and soul songs."

"[And Dave said], I always thought of myself as the Otis Redding of comedy, anyway," Shaffer continued. "And I said [to myself], 'I gotta work for that man.'"

"That was my impression," Shaffer added. "He was quirky and hilarious and has kept me laughing ever since."

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