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Playing Exhibitionism In Marcia Gay Harden's Family
Exhibitionism In Marcia Gay Harden's Family Aired February 19, 2015

Rachael's chatting with Dr. Grey herself, Marcia Gay Harden! She's giving the lowdown on her role in the movie everyone can't stop talking about; 50 Shades of Grey! Rach asks Marcia if sequels are being planned to the movie. “Well they’d be crazy not to, right? They’re not officially announcing, but they’d be crazy not to. The screenings have been going amazing and now it’s like an audience interaction type of thing where Christian Grey takes off his shirt, people scream,” says Marcia. “It’s a romance and it is about intimacy, and yes it’s this weird sort of fetishy world he’s in, but the whole point of the book is…she’s trying to get him to leave that for love, and he’s trying to get her to enjoy a little openness and I do hope that women will use their husband’s neckties for other than just sending him off to work!”

Watch the video above for even more scoop on the box office hit movie 50 Shades of Grey.

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