Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Why She Won't Be Returning to 'The View': 'I've Done My Time'

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 If you thought Rosie O'Donnell's abrupt exit from The View  last week would suddenly clear the way for former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck's return, think again.

In an interview with Rachael Ray, airing Tuesday, Febuary 24, the 37-year-old Fox & Friends co-host says she's moved on from the Emmy-winning daytime series.

"I've done my time," Hasselbeck -- who left The View in July 2013 after nearly a 10-season stint -- told Rachael. "I did my time; I was outta there."

Hasselbeck joined Fox & Friends in September, 2013. From the sounds of it, she'll be staying put for some time.

"It’s a great mix where we are," Hasselbeck told Rachael. "I have to say, Steve [Doocy] and Brian [Kilmeade] are so funny and interesting and wise and smart. And they take such good care of me…You know when you’re so happy where you are you can’t think of being anywhere else?"

"That time has passed," Hasselbeck added of her time on The View. "And you know what? You break up with me, I'm not going to kiss you!"

Well, there you have it. 

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