How to Get a No-Filter Face for Selfies

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by Lisa Lozano

If you’re sick of applying filters to make yourself look better in Instagram selfies, we have a solution for you! Beauty expert Mally Roncal is showing you easy makeup tips that can help you look your best – no filters needed!

Tip 1: Make Your Eyes Pop with Eyeshadow and Eye Liner

Apply dark eye shadow to the crease of your eyelid, and light shadow to the rest of the lid, to deepen your eye sockets and make your eyes stand out. Next, apply very dark eyeliner directly above your lash line on both lids. This enhances the whites of your eyes and makes your eye color appear bolder.

Tip 2: Make Your Lips Look Fuller with Two Shades of Lip Liner

Mally shares that you should actually use not one, but two, lip liners to get a pouty lip. Line the outer corners of your lips with darker liner, then use a lighter liner to fill in the middle.

Tip 3: Drop Five Pounds with Contouring

Make a “fish face” by sucking in your cheeks and then apply blush to your cheekbones above the indentation. Also apply contouring to the jaw line for more definition.

Tip 4: Brighten with Highlighting

Make sure to use your highlighting product under your eye starting at the corner for maximum effect. For a “nose job” effect, use a little more down the middle of your nose.

To see Mally’s tips in action, check out the amazing no-filter shot below.

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