5 DIY Party Decorations to Make on a Budget


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Party Tips Aired August 13, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

For Food Network star Sunny Anderson’s 40th birthday, home décor expert Brit Morin is sharing her favorite budget party tips. Read on for DIY decorating projects you can make on a budget, and watch above for Brit’s advice about everything from how much ice to buy, to the type and quantity of glassware you need.

DIY Coasters

Brit shows you how to easily (and we mean it!) make your own personalized coasters. All you do it take simple inexpensive coasters like you could find in a craft store, and add stickers (like initial stickers), or make designs with tape, and paint. Couldn’t be easier!

DIY Drink Sticks

If you want to really celebrate a friend on their birthday, why not make personalized drink sticks? Just choose any design you like and print two sides on cardstock. Cut two circles, then use double-sided tape to tape them together with the designs facing out. Insert a thin wooden drink stick, and you’re done!

DIY Vases

Brit shows you how to dress up inexpensive dollar store vases. You can use “flat-back pearls” which are just basically 3-D stickers, chalkboard paint, or painters tape with regular paint to make those vases look amazing.

DIY Book Centerpiece

If you’re having a book-themed bash, this centerpiece will definitely get your guests’ attention. You simply take printed sheets of paper and hang them from the inside of a “book cover” made of paper and cardboard.

DIY Pedestal Plate

To create more space on your buffet table, use dishes of varying heights. To make a simple and super inexpensive tiered serving station, just hot glue an inverted sundae bowl onto the bottom of a plate.

What do you love best about hosting a party?

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