Tim McGraw Reveals Best Birthday Present Wife Faith Hill Gave Him

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If you're single and hoping to get married in the near future, you may want to start listening to Carlos Santana on repeat.

Just ask country music superstar Tim McGraw, who says the famous Latin singer helped him land his now-wife of almost 20 years, Faith Hill.

"When we first started dating in 1996, we were touring together and I had this ‘71 Cutlass that I’d bought with some of the first money I’d ever made," McGraw -- who turns 48 on May 1 -- told Rachael Ray in an interview airing Friday.

"So I bought this ‘71 Cutlass," he continued. "And I was pulling it around on a trailer, and I was courting her in this car, and my uncle had told me, 'Look, if you ever make love to a woman playing ‘Samba Pa Ti’ by Carlos Santana and then you’re going to have to marry her.'"

"So I had it on loop in my car all the time. Just in case I got lucky. It took a long time, but I married her! But she took that car and she had it redone for me [for my 40th birthday]."

For more on Rachael's interview with Tim McGraw, including how he and Faith are handling their teenage daughters dating, don't miss Friday's show.

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