Has Vice President Joe Biden Ever Cooked for His Wife?

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 9:00 AM, August 10, 2015

Aired August 10, 2015

He's helped lead our country through some of the most important events in Modern Day political history; but when it comes to cooking dinner for his wife, Vice President Joe Biden has a little room for improvement.

In an interview with Rachael Ray, airing Thursday, Dr. Jill Biden reveals her husband has never once cooked dinner for her.

“He can make pasta, but, you know, with the jarred sauce," Dr Biden revealed with a laugh. "But he’s good at a lot of other things."

Like falling for her April Fool's Day pranks.

"This year, I really got him," Dr. Jill Biden told Rachael Ray in an interview airing Thursday.

"Well, this year I really got him," Dr. Biden said. "It was April Fool's, I was getting ready for school, and he was still asleep in bed. So I went in and I opened the door to the bedroom and I said, ‘Joe, don't you have a breakfast this morning? People are coming through the gate!’ And he threw off the covers, he says, ‘I do, I do!’ And he was totally thrown off. And I said, ‘April Fools!’" "The good thing about Joe is he always laughs," Dr. Biden continued. "He never gets mad at it. He has a really good sense of humor."

Pretty awesome if you ask us.

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