'Scream' star Bella Thorne

Playing Bella Thorne on her Parks Initiative
Bella Thorne on her Parks Initiative Aired July 02, 2015

MTV’s ‘Scream’ star Bella Throne is talking spooks, fears and phobias with Rach and Curtis! But first, at just 17 years old, she’s partnered with the National Park Service to encourage her generation and beyond to get out and find their parks. “We’re all scrolling through Instagram, on Twitter, like we’re always on our phones taking photos and not really realizing the beauty of what’s going on around us,” says Bella. “So, that’s kind of why I wanted to get involved, is to get me and my generation out there and find your park!” 

Did you know our country has over 400 national parks? “A lot of people think that parks are just woodsy, outdoors,” says Bella. “One of my favorite parks, the Santa Monica Mountains; that’s the one that I chose, also has an ocean! Okay? So you can go to the beach too – no excuses!”

Click here for more information about the National Park Service.

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