Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Joins 3 Busy Moms for an All-New 'Human Lab'

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired July 16, 2015

Rach is a hard sell on kitchen gadgets; in fact, her advice for brides-to-be and those looking to update their kitchens is usually to not waste space with a lot of gadgets. For many folks, they’ll get excited about a fun, new kitchen tool that promises to make life easier. They use it once and then put it away, never to be touched again. Sound about right? With the help of three viewers, Rach and Geoffrey Zakarian are differentiating the useful ones from the duds.  Read on below to find out information about the products featured in this segment.

Lékué Small Steam Case with Tray: This product promises to steam up healthy meals without losing any nutrients.

Rollie Vertical Grill: It says it’ll cook all sorts of fun and delicious snacks.

The Golden Goose™: This fun gadget claims to use centrifugal force to perfectly scramble your eggs while they’re still in the shell.

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