A Wish Is Granted

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This season we’re going to be granting wishes to some of our viewers in need.  JoAnn Thompson is our first recipient, and she’s been working with children who have special needs for more than 25 years. “With the special needs kids, some of them can’t see, they can’t speak. A lot of things they can’t do,” says JoAnn. “But with me there, I can be their hands, I can be their eyes, I can hear for them.”

JoAnn’s current mode of transportation is a minivan that was gifted to her about 10 years ago from a family she works with, the Kennedy’s.  Since then, the van has gotten her where she needs to go, including numerous pickups and drop-offs for the children when the parents are working late. But JoAnn admits the van has seen better days and it’s been through a lot. “If I don’t have that van, it would be like, these parents won’t have anybody to do that for them that they trust,” explains JoAnn. “It just gives me so much joy to know that I can help others.”

Watch the emotional video above to see Rach grant her wish!

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