8 Game-Changing Tips for Making the Perfect Burger

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Playing Anne Burrell’s Killer Turkey Burgers
Anne Burrell’s Killer Turkey Burgers Aired April 06, 2016

by Lisa Lozano

Chef Anne Burrell is stopping by the kitchen to show two of America’s worst cooks, who happen to be named Anne Burrell and Rachel Rae, how to cook the perfect burger.

No. 1: Cook the Onions Before Adding to Ground Meat

When you want to get onion flavor in your burger, Anne suggests sauteeing them first. That way, you don’t end up with a raw onion flavor.

No. 2: Add Texture

Anne adds water chestnuts to her burger meat to add more crunch.

No. 3: Make a Tester Patty

Because you can’t taste your seasoned raw meat, Anne advises making a tester patty, a small patty that you can cook up quickly and taste. If it tastes good, go ahead and cook up your burgers!

No. 4: Stick with One Flavor Profile

For Anne’s turkey burgers, she went for an Asian flavor profile, seasoning the burger with soy sauce, ginger and cilantro, and using Asian chili paste to spice up the mayo. She advises to make sure to not put clashing flavors within your burger.

No. 5: Add Water

Add a bit of water to your burger meat because it will help keep everything moist.

No. 6: Don’t Forget to Toast Your Bun

This will keep the burger crunchy and will prevent your bun from disintegrating from the moisture.

No. 7: The Burger Should be the Same Size as the Bun

When you are making your burger patties, aim for a burger that is the same size as your bun.

No. 8: Keep the Moist Toppings Away from the Bread

Keep moist toppings like tomatoes or pickles away from your bread, to stop it from getting soggy. Put the lettuce on top, directly below the bun, so it will act as a moisture barrier, and also won’t get wilted from the heat of the burger.

Watch to see worst cooks Anne and Rachel use Anne’s burger tips to go head to head in a Burger showdown!

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