7 Tips that Can Help You Clear Years of Clutter in No Time

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Playing One Viewer Declutters a Storage Space Packed with Treasure and Trash
One Viewer Declutters a Storage Space Packed with Treasure and Trash Aired November 10, 2015

Peter Walsh is helping one family clear out years of clutter as he tackles a storage space that hasn’t been visited in 15 years! Read on for the life-changing tips that can also help you clear out your own clutter!

Tip 1: Get Rid of Trash

The first step to going through all of your stored clutter is tossing out anything that is obviously not salvageable.

Tip 2: Divide Everything into Three Categories

Set up three stations and label them in different colors: Donate, Sell and Keep. Divide everything up into those categories and label items with painter’s tape according to the above categories, so you know where each item is going.

Tip 3: Turn Your Clutter into Kindness

By donating items to charity, you can change lives.

Tip 4: Only Keep the Treasures

Only keep items that are truly treasures to you, and display them prominently in your home. Only keep as many items as will fit comfortably in your home.

Tip 5: Donate More

Once you’ve decided what to keep, choose one of those items and donate it. Challenge yourself to let go of one additional item. You might find you didn’t need to hold on to everything after all!

Tip 6: Estimate the Value of Your Belongings

For items in your “sell” category, how do you know what they’re worth? Peter suggests going online (like the site www.valuemystuff.com) to get an idea, or even better, bringing in an appraiser.

Tip 7: Is it Solid Wood or Veneer?

Solid wood furniture is generally worth more than veneer. If you want to tell which one your item is, scratch the surface in an inconspicuous place. If it scratches, it’s veneer, if it doesn’t, it’s solid wood.

Watch the video below to see amazing appraisals of items the family found in storage!

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