'Say Yes' Host Schools Our 'Wedding in a Week' Bride in Dress Shopping

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Watch One Bride Get the Surprise of a Lifetime from Her Mom Aired August 09, 2016

Brittney Reed’s fiancé Hunter Tribe proposed to her on yesterday’s show, after seeing her for the first time wearing special glasses, and she agreed to marry him on our show this Friday! Now Randy Fenoli from ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ is visiting with a slew of dresses for Brittney to try, and advice for her to follow on her wedding journey!

Before Brittney even tried on one dress, we shocked her with an amazing surprise – her mom and sister flew in to be there for the festivities! Watch the video above for the heartwarming moment.

Rule 1: Your Regular Size is Not Your Wedding Dress Size

Randy talks with Brittney about what kind of dress she’s looking for, and cautions her to not look for a dress in her regular dress size, since wedding dresses tend to be sized 1-2 sizes up. Watch below to see what Brittney’s bride style is.

Rule 2: You Are Diana Ross for Your Wedding

When it comes to family and friends offering advice for your wedding, Randy puts it this way – a bride is Diana Ross for her wedding, while her loved ones are the backup singers. Don’t let them forget that! Watch above to see Brittney try on three beautiful gowns.

Which of Brittney’s dresses do you like best? Tell us below, and watch some behind the scenes footage of her dressing fitting below. Don’t forget to tune in to see Brittney and Hunter’s wedding on this Friday’s show!

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