Craig Ferguson Plays 'Time Machine' and Reveals Where He Would Go

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Playing Given the Choice, Would Craig Ferguson Go Back or Forward in Time?

Craig Ferguson is coming back to TV with his new History Channel show, Join or Die, and he’s telling us where in history – or the future – he’d go if he had the chance!

Craig jokes that he’d like to go back to 2010 when he had a really great vacation, but, in all seriousness, explains the benefits he would see from traveling back to the past. Rach, on the other hand, would love to travel to the future.

And because he’s stopping by during our bowling-themed show, Rach makes him join in the fun! But bowling may not be Craig’s strong point… watch below to see his sheepish foray into our on-set bowling lane!

Then, watch below for details about his new show, including what viewers can expect when they tune in!

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