3 Celeb Couples Reveal Their Marital Pet Peeves

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Celebs aren't immune from marital strife and even bicker with their spouses over the little stuff! Read on to hear three gripes of star couples.

First up, Bill Bellamy’s wife of 15 years, Kristen, has a complaint. Every morning when Bill trims his beard, she says he leaves a big mess. Can a product called the “Beard Bib” help avoid this issue?

Style expert Gretta Monahan and her hubby, actor Ricky Paull Goldin, are up next. Ricky says that it drives him nuts when Gretta bites her nails, so she decides to try a product called “Stop the Bite,” which will make her nails taste bad, to see if it will help her quit.

Lastly, it really drives makeup expert Mally Roncal’s husband Phil Bickett crazy when she loses her phone and her keys. So they decide to take a product called Magic Finder for a test drive.

Tune in to The Rachael Ray Show to see if these products did the trick! What’s your biggest pet peeve about your spouse?

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