You’ll Never Believe What Queen Latifah Spent Her First Big Paycheck On

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Even royalty tells a lie sometimes. Members of our in-studio audience lined up to ask Queen Latifah their most pressing questions, and her answers are nothing but down-to-earth.

Q: What was your first splurge purchase after making it big?
A: Oh boy, I bought a Jeep Wrangler and gold tooth. I always wanted a gold tooth and lost it that same day. I lost the darn thing, but kept the Jeep though!

Q: What is your go-to karaoke song?
A: I like any big rock and roll song from the 80s like “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” or some Bon Jovi.

Q: If you could control anyone’s mind for a day, whose would it be?
A: I would control the mind of God and bring peace and tranquility to all mankind.

Q: What’s in your DVR?
A: There’s so much stuff in there, I need to clear it! You’ve got “Power,” “Ray Donovan,” some old “Game of Thrones” for sure, “Mr. Robot” and a bunch of “Chopped” episodes.

Q: What movie makes you cry?
A: I watched that part of “Cast Away” the other day when Wilson floats away and he’s just crying, it had me bawling!

Q: What was the last lie you told?
A: I really can’t remember the last lie I told. That’s a good thing, right? Not that I don’t tell a lie!

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?
A: When people follow me to the bathroom to take a picture. There is nothing cool about this, because then your pee gets shy. It’s ridiculous!

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