How to Work Out and Eat Like an Olympian – Anywhere!


Playing Workout Like an Olympian -- Anywhere
Workout Like an Olympian -- Anywhere Aired January 20, 2017

Olympic gold medalist skier Lindsey Vonn is the most successful woman in her sport – ever – and that obviously requires an intense level of fitness and plenty of wholesome, nutrition-packed fuel.

She just released her first book, Strong is the New Beautiful: Embrace Your Natural Beauty, Eat Clean, and Harness Your Power, and stopped by to show us some simple-but-super-effective exercises you can do anywhere, without any equipment—plus her go-to power meal

She also showed us how to make one of her favorite easy, “clean” meals -- a veggie egg scramble with avocado. “I eat this all day every day,” she says.

Tip: If you’re in a hurry, Lindsey says you don’t even have to scramble the eggs before adding them to the pan -- you can just crack them right in with the veggies.

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