Ever Wonder How Action Bronson Got His Name?

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Playing Ever Wonder How Action Bronson Got His Name?

Have you ever tasted something so good, you just had to yell “F**k that’s Delicious?” Action Bronson, a rapper from Queens, New York (who also happens to be a chef and host of the hit show “Viceland”) stopped by Rachael’s kitchen for the first time to cook up this incredible Explosive Crispy Chicken recipe that’ll have you dropping f-bombs and craving more!

With a name like “Action Bronson” he’s certainly a real-life food super hero! For those of you who don’t know, Bronson’s real name is Arian Asllani. He says he and his grandfather used to watch Charles Bronson movies when he was a kid. “I feel like I had to pay homage to my grandfather and the great Charles Bronson by taking that name,” says Bronson.

Rach asks if there was anything he wouldn’t eat when he was little. “I wouldn’t eat anything. I would only eat a bagel with cream cheese,” says Bronson. “Bagel with cheese and a hamburger!” Click here to hear about Bronson’s concerts, and even more about his family life.

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