Ted Danson on Playing a Middle Manager of the Afterlife on 'The Good Place'

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Playing Ted Danson on Playing a Middle Manager of the Afterlife on ‘The Good Place’

Ted Danson poured the beer on “Cheers”, solved crimes on “CSI” and is now giving us a taste of heaven in his new TV show “The Good Place.”

He stars alongside Kristen Bell in the new NBC sitcom, in which he plays the architect of a neighborhood located in the afterlife.

“I’m like middle management and I’m not good at it,” he explains. “So in comes the graduating class from life on the first day and Kristen Bell shows up, and she’s not supposed to be there, it’s a clerical error, so it’s like a grain of sand in a perfect Swiss watch, everything starts to fall apart.”

He adds, “The show is about something, it’s funny but it’s about what it really means to be good. That everything you do has a ripple effect, literally every action goes out into the universe and creates a little bit of good or a little bit of bad. And in our world, we take a tally, and there’s a points thing, and only the cream of the crop get to go to ‘The Good Place.’”

Ted became famous starring as bartender Sam in the ‘80s hit “Cheers,” which recently made the Top 20 of Rolling Stone’s all-time best TV shows, and he shared an anecdote about why his character was always washing dishes: “I went to bartending school for ‘Cheers’ and I was so proud, I was making [drinks], and then I realized, they didn’t give a damn about the drinks! They were going for the jokes, so then I just started washing shot glasses.”

His now wife Mary Steenburgen watched him on “Cheers” before she met him, and he tells Rach that she was fooled by his onscreen persona, “She thought I was this slick Hollywood guy, and she met me and realized that I’m a yokel.”

So what would Ted’s perfect vision of the afterlife include? Check out how he described his happy place, and learn about his work on the Board of Directors of the conservation nonprofit Oceana:

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