Actress Erinn Hayes on Filming 'Kevin Can Wait' In Front of a Live Audience

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Veteran comedian Erinn Hayes co-stars with Kevin James in his new CBS sitcom “Kevin Can Wait,” and she bonded with Rach over the pros and cons of filming with a live studio audience.

Erinn, who starred for eight years in Comedy Central’s “Children’s Hospital,” started in theater, and relishes the energy of a live audience as much as Rach does. “That give and take with a live audience, it’s fun.” But she says it does reveal some hard truths, “You know very quickly if something you think is really funny is [actually] not so funny.”

On the show, Erinn and Kevin’s characters have been married for 20 years, and in real life, she’s been with hubby Jack Hayes for just as long. “We went to high school together. So we’ve been married for 12 but had our first date like 22 years ago. I was a senior in high school and we went for a hike around a lake,” says Erinn.

It’s pretty simple why their relationship has lasted, according to Erin: “He makes me laugh.”

Check out the video to see what she thinks of working with Kevin James, and to learn about the unique origins of the Long Island studio where they shoot the show.

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