Mary Steenburgen Gushes (and Complains a Little Too) about Hubby Ted Danson

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Playing Mary Steenburgen Gushes (and Complains a Little Too) about Hubby Ted Danson

Married TV stars Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson always have the nicest things to say about each other, and when Mary stopped by today that was no different, but we decided to flip that and also ask her what really irritates her about her husband of 21 years.

First, Mary went with the good, “Ted is actually just one of the great human beings on the planet. I have to work hard to live up to him, trust me. He’s just a really good human being.”

She continued, going into detail about his advocacy work for Oceana, “Sometimes in Hollywood, people are well intentioned and they do something for a few years, then they burn out. But my husband has worked for many, many years on ocean advocacy and global warming.”

So, on to the bad. Like any other wife, Mary gets irritated by her hubby: “You know what drives me nuts is he often doesn’t remember people’s names, but he’s not shy and retiring about it.” She says she gets embarrassed when her hints about an acquaintance’s name go right over his head, and he continues to call someone by the wrong name.

Another thing that bugs her? When other women hit on him right in front of her! “I want to punch their lights out,” Mary jokes.

Mary also gabbed about some of her favorite projects, including hinting that she and Ted will be back on the new episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and revealing whether she actually ate spaghetti and maple syrup on the set of “Elf.” Check out the video below.

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