Famous (Again) ‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Scott Patterson Performs His New Hit Single for Rach

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Playing Scott Patterson on ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

Netflix had a very special Thanksgiving treat for ‘Gilmore Girls’ fans – an entire new season of the hit series that went off the air nine years ago. Star Scott Patterson stopped by to talk about the show (including Rachael’s surprising involvement in it) and show off his first love – music!

Scott said it’s been a wild ride since the new season debuted: “I kind of feel like we’re sorta… stars! It’s weird! The ‘Gilmore’ fans have always been great, it’s never nutty fandom, but this is different.”

Rach even appears in the Netflix bonus season -- playing herself in a storyline involving a rivalry with Sookie (played by Melissa McCarthy).

Before Scott was initially cast in Gilmore Girls, he had another passion -- music. His band, Smithradio, was named after his teenage obsession with singer songwriter Patti Smith.

He recounted this charming story about meeting Smith at NYC club CBGB as a teen: “I said, ‘I want to audition for your band, I hear you’re looking for a keyboard player.’ And she said, ‘Kid, how old are you?” And I said, ‘19.’ She said, ‘No you’re not, you’re too young.’ And then she followed me outside because I felt dejected and she grabbed me and said, ‘Hey, good luck, keep going, you’re doing to do it.’” He was so grateful for those words of wisdom that he named his band, Smithradio, after her.

Smithradio’s LP hit iTunes, Amazon and Google in November and to his shock, his single Haha Song hit No. 1 on the iTunes Indie singles list within a couple hours! Watch the video below to hear him perform on our stage.

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