Mally Roncal Opens Up About Her Struggle With Hair Loss

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You might all know Mally Roncal as a celebrity makeup artist who’s spent the last decade as a major force in the beauty industry (check out her own line of beauty products here) -- her appearance is (literally) her calling card. But through her always happy demeanor, she’s been quietly suffering from an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss -- it’s called alopecia areata.

“I immediately ran to my husband – thank God he is the man that he is, because over months, and years, it got really bad.

He just told me every single day that no matter what happened to me, if I  was completely bald, that he was still going to love me exactly the same. That was really important as a woman.” -- Mally Roncal

She decided to share her story now to help Melanie Walker of Reading, Pennsylvania. She too has been suffering from the same disease and hasn’t really styled her hair in about 10 years.

“I never realized how many people are also going through this. I want to help them, and I want to be a support system for them.

It’s so terrifying and I just want to help people feel better about themselves.” -- Mally Roncal

Watch the video above to see Walker’s incredible head-to-toe transformation (and try not to cry!).

“I didn’t even know myself – they just completely transformed me and made me feel like a woman again – very pretty!” -- Melanie Walker


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