Kirstie Alley on the Time She Pretended Her Lemur Was a Cat

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Kirstie Alley is a self-described “animal lunatic,” and she shared some pretty crazy stories with Rach about her adventures with her pets, the most hilarious being the time she took one of her pet lemurs through airport security.

“They’re crazy, and they’re big,” Kirstie described lemurs, a type of primate native to Madagascar.

“When one [of my lemurs] was a baby, I was taking her [through the airport] and I fibbed and I said she was a cat. So I had the little carrier and she was in there and I thought they’d just let me walk through.But they changed the rules, so they said, ‘You have to take your cat out, ma’am. So I was like, ‘Oh my God.”

(It goes without saying that lemurs aren’t an animal you frequently see carried on a plane, and in fact, most airlines forbid it.)

Kirstie kept up the gag, and it worked! “I had this plan, I had to think of it really fast. So I take her out and I keep her moving [so they can’t see her clearly], and I’m like, she’s really crazy, she’s so crazy, you don’t want to touch her. … she’ll bite you!”

That’s not the only wacky airport experience Kirstie’s had with a pet. She flew with her new puppy, Finn, a Corgi who is being trained to be a service dog, when the dog was three months old. Kirstie was loaded up with bags in the airline terminal, but Finn just didn’t want to cooperate. “She would not walk,” Kirstie said, explaining, “She likes us to pull her around anyway.”

“So I’m pulling her on the way to the airplane and people are looking at me, and I’m going, ‘Training dog! Training dog!’”

Watch above to see Rach lose it hearing Kirstie tell these stories, and check out some pics of Kirstie’s lemurs below.


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