Pasta, Doodles + Michelle Obama: Rach's Instagram by the Numbers

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired January 18, 2017

Rach appears on TV five days a week, but that’s not the only place where she shares details about her life. She’s an avid Instagram user and we got to thinking, what does she ‘gram about most? Read on to see how often she’s posted about some of her favorite topics, and check out some of her best pics. (Psst, you can also follow the Rachael Ray Show on Instagram here.) Scroll all the way down for the category that accounts for over 400 of her posts!

Animals: 58
Rach loves furry friends so much that she donates all the proceeds from her Nutrish pet food brand to animal causes! It's only fitting that animal pics would be woven throughout her feed.

Upstate NY Nature Shots: 14
When Rach isn't in the city shooting her show, she's in upstate New York enjoying the natural beauty.

Pasta: 55
Try not to drool when you take a gander at her dozens of vibrant pasta pics.

Isaboo: 17
Rach calls her beloved dog Isaboo her "pet child" and the friendly pit bull is a frequent subject of her photos.

First Lady Michelle Obama: 5
Rach worked with the first lady on children's nutrition, and has posted several snaps of Mrs. Obama.

Doodles: 8
Little-known fact -- Rach loves to sketch!

Cocktails: 17
Rach's hubby John is known for his cocktails, and she posted quite a few pics of his creations.

Flowers: 6
It wouldn't be a proper Instagram feed without flower shots!

Total Food Pics: 422 (!!!)
Well this, really shouldn't surprise any diehard Rach fans, and it's what she's known for, after all!

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