Emily Deschanel Is 'at Home With Dead Bodies'

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Emily Deschanel is no stranger to food - after all, when she became vegan over 20 years ago, “No one knew what it was.” She enjoys cooking and baking (as does her famous sister, Zooey), but admits she doesn’t get a chance to do much while filming her television show, “Bones.”

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Deschanel has starred on “Bones” for 12 years and this year stepped behind the camera to direct the season premiere. She tells Rachel, “I loved it [directing]...it was fun to do something different.” She says she would love to do more directing.

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Though Emily and Zooey work on the same lot, Emily says they don’t get to see each other as often as they would like because the lots are so huge (Rachael actually got lost on one when she visited as a guest). Though Emily would like to see her sister more, what she really wants to do is squeeze and snuggle her little niece, who mom Zooey often brings on the lot, according to Emily (who does the same with her son).

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Watch to see how she feels about working with so many “dead bodies” on a daily basis. Spoiler alert: it oddly doesn’t bug her.

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