Rachael Says Being Healthy Doesn’t Mean You Have To Go (Coco)nuts

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When audience members ask Rachael questions, the queries run the gamut from dog advice to sentimental personal anecdotes, but cooking and food questions are obviously very popular. Of course, healthy eating is always on people's minds.

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Question: What are your thoughts on coconut oil?

Answer: Uh...I don’t have any? Look, I love that it’s a trendy fat that people go to now. My favorite go-to is olive oil. That’s what I grew up with. It’s what I’m used to. I also happen to manufacture it now, so it’s kind of easy for me to keep that. I always tell people you should build the pantry that makes sense for the way you eat. It’s really whatever keeps you cooking more food. The more you cook, the healthier you will be. Period.

Check out more of Rachael’s tips for the audience on cooking for one, making a red wine reduction sauce, and see the special (and delicious) promise she makes to a big fan in the video above.


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