'Superstore' Star Lauren Ash: Wearing a Sexy Cop Outfit Wasn't 'Brave'

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The hilarious Lauren Ash stopped by to chat with Rach about her NBC hit comedy “Superstore,” and shed light on how her character came to be.

Lauren, a Canada native, shares this story when when she worked with Second City in Toronto, “We did this improv exercise where we cut out classified ads and put them in a hat, and you drew one, and that was your character inspiration. Mine read, ‘Woman who loves hard rock concerts and roller coasters seeks platonic male companion for fun.’ And literally, that’s [my character] Dina. When I was reading the script for ‘Superstore,’ I was like, ‘I know her, I’ve known her for years!’”

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She also had some pretty direct words for certain people who commented on her sexy cop get-up for the “Superstore” Halloween episode, “If one more person tells me they think I was brave [for wearing that costume], I’m going to throw something through a window. Soldiers and firefighters are brave, but a smoking hot woman wearing a hot pleather lingerie outfit is not brave, it’s doing the public a favor!”

Watch the video for more with Lauren, including her real-life experiences working in a superstore (and her glee at being promoted from shoes to cash register!)

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