Hannah Jeter on Hubby Derek Doing Diaper Doo-ty: Thankfully He Likes Picking up Poop!

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Hannah Jeter, wife of the former New York Yankees’ shortstop Derek Jeter, recently announced her pregnancy with their first child -- and it’s a girl!

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Have they decided on a name yet?

“He’s decided,” says Hannah about Derek. “I don’t know what I like right now because I’m just emotional. I feel like I need to meet her first.”

So will new daddy Derek be doing diaper duty?

“For sure! He picks up the dog poop anyway right now,” says Hannah. “In the beginning, I was like, ‘We’re going to get a dog, and I’ll help you!’ But that’s become his project.”

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And what about the dog getting along with his new human sibling?

“We’ll see. Our dog is actually being trained right now. He’s an Italian mastiff, so he’s huge. I grew up with having mastiffs, but Derek never had a dog, so it’s been a bit of a transition,” she says.

“And that’s a big poop, too!” says Rach.

“It is! But thankfully he likes picking up poop, so it’s fine!” says Hannah with a laugh.

Hear more about their plans for life with Baby Jeter in the video above!

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