Susan Kelechi Watson: The First Time I Got Recognized for 'This Is Us' Was in Victoria's Secret

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Playing Susan Kelechi Watson: The First Time I Got Recognized for 'This Is Us' Was in Victoria's Secret

Susan Kelechi Watson stars on one of TV’s biggest hits, NBC’s dramedy “This Is Us,” and the first time she got recognized for the role was in a somewhat awkward place -- Victoria’s Secret!

“It was perfect. You don’t script it better than that,” Susan says. But there’s one place she doesn’t get recognized -- Brooklyn, where she was born and raised(Which can be a plus!)

“The closer I am to home, the more nobody knows me. I can look a hot mess in Brooklyn, it’s awesome!” says Susan.

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Rach and Susan marveled at how “This Is Us” reaches such a broad audience. Susan says, “I think we brought date night back to America, because men and women watch on Tuesday nights.”

And with that loyal viewership comes people who want to know what’s going to happen on the show, with everyone telling her, “I know you can’t say anything, but you can tell me.” But trust her when she says, she really can’t tell (even if you’re her nieces and nephews... and they’ve asked!)

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Susan also played Louis C.K.’s ex Janet on “Louie,” and says of the comedian, “People throw around brilliant and smart and genius a lot, but he really is the definition [of those things]. He really can act, direct, produce, write and edit all at the same time, which takes a certain kind of mind.”

Rach challenged Susan to a charades-esque Celebrity Round Robin game and invited an, unsuspecting audience member to join them. Watch what happens when Rach and Susan get super competitive (Too competitive? You decide) in the video below.


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