Mireille Enos Speaks Out About ‘Big Love’ Co-Star Bill Paxton’s Death

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Playing Mireille Enos Speaks Out About ‘Big Love’ Co-Star Bill Paxton’s Death

From “The Killing” to “World War Z,” Mireille Enos has played many different roles over the years. Her first big role on TV, HBO’s “Big Love,” a show about a polygamist Mormon family in Utah, helped set the path to her success.

“It was my first kind of meaty role on TV, and I said ‘I’m surrounded by these incredible people, these wonderful scripts, I'm going to use this as an acting class for the camera,” says Mireille. “It was an incredible learning experience."

Sadly, co-star Bill Paxton unexpectedly passed away just weeks ago, on February 25th.

“I miss Bill Paxton so much,” says Rach.

“I know, he was an incredible person,” says Mireille. “His positive energy was just infectious.”

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She now stars on ABC’s TGIT hit, “The Catch,” as Alice Vaughan, a fearless businesswoman who knows how to kick some butt (which you can hear all about in the video above).

Speaking of being a total badass, Rach asked what her dream job would be if she wasn’t acting. Her response?

A Stuntwoman!

You go, girl!

“I’m super jealous of all the stunt girls that I’ve gotten to work with,” says Mireille. “They're the ones actually jumping off the buildings and stuff. It's incredible, so cool!"

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