Here’s Why Craig Ferguson Doesn’t Like to Interview Politicians

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Craig Ferguson has a new show on SiriusXM Radio, but there’s one type of guest you probably won’t be hearing much of: politicians.

The comedian says he’s going to try to stay out of the political fray. “Politicians are tough because they get trained by professionals to keep them ‘on message’ so you can’t have a conversation with them. It’s like talking to a robot, they’re horrible,” he says.

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But even his most horrible interview can’t compare to the worst job he’s ever had -- delivering milk on cold winter mornings in his native Scotland. He says, “You have to remind yourself when you’re interviewing someone that you don’t like -- at least I’m not delivering milk in Scotland in December.”

Our audience members got a chance to ask him questions, including whether he has any secret hobbies (“massage therapy,” he jokes) and what his childhood nickname was.

“My nickname was Tubby when I was a kid. I was a fat kid. … If it was a movie I would be the one they cooked and ate,” he jokes.

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Watch the video above for more of his hilarious answers (like who he would use a “hall pass” for), and check out “The Craig Ferguson Show” at 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday on SiriusXM channel 94.

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