Josh Duhamel Wanted to Be a Football Player, but It’s Probably a Good Thing He Became a Movie Star

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Playing Josh Duhamel Wanted to Be a Football Player, but It’s Probably a Good Thing He Became a Movie Star

You might think being a major movie star in blockbusters like Transformers makes you the toughest guy in town, but Josh Duhamel sets us straight. Apparently his son, 3.5 year old Axel, runs the show, as Josh shares that during a week and a half in Atlanta, he bought five or six toy swords for his little tyke. Who could say no to this adorable face?

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“He finds them and he talks me into buying them for him. I’m not sure how healthy that is,” says Josh. With that said, he still calls wife (rockstar Fergie) the “softie” of the pair when it comes to their son.

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Transformers 5: The Last Knight comes out in June and Josh tells Rachael he has “so much fun” doing the films. He says the travel and working on a Michael Bay set complete with incredible effects are why he “loves making those movies.”

When he isn’t busy starring in films, Josh is a fan of the outdoors (at one point, he had dreams of becoming a professional football player) and has paired up with Claritin to launch the “Be an Outsider” campaign. It focuses on getting kids outside, a cause that is close to Josh’s heart. He wants to “kick open the doors and get people outside,” and he wants to end the “indoor epidemic.” To encourage that, anyone can take a photo outdoors, tag it #BeAanOoutsider on social media, and a donation will be made to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Watch the video below to see if Josh still has what it takes to throw the ole pigskin. Then watch the audience freak out (rightfully so!) over the giveaway of the BEDDI Intelligent Alarm Clock With Smart Home Integration. It even has a built-in light that simulates sunrise.

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