Together, Rachael + Nate Berkus Conquer Their Phobias

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Everyone has a fear of something. For some people it’s a phobia of heights or enclosed spaces — for Rach and Nate, it’s mayonnaise and snakes. When Nate stopped by, he and Rachael were introduced to Baby, a boa constrictor and both were encouraged to get acquainted with him.

Which of the two are brave enough to give him a feel? (When snakes aren’t your thing, even the idea of petting a toothless one is enough to get the heebie jeebies, which Nate proved, hilariously). But Rach stepped up!

“You're gonna do it?” says Nate, looking at Rach like she has three heads.

“I’ll hold your hand!” jokes Rach.

Watch the video above to see if he mustered the bravery to pet Baby.

Rachael later admitted that she has a fear of mayo (kind of). While she’s okay with making her own aioli, she didn’t grow up eating store-bought mayo and the idea doesn’t sit well with her (“It’s weird to me.”) To conquer her fear, she dug into a piece of fish, smothered in store-bought mayo. 

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