The Hilarious True Story That Inspired an Episode of Hit Comedy 'The Detour'

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Playing The Hilarious True Story That Inspired an Episode of Hit Comedy ‘The Detour’

Love to laugh?

Then you’re probably a fan of the hit TBS show “The Detour,” starring the hilarious Jason Jones. He and his equally funny wife, Samantha Bee, created the hit comedy show that makes just about any family dynamic, feel ordinary.

“It is a show about a family who is very decidedly anti-family,” says Jason. “We wanted to create a show that speaks like actually families talk -- you can tell each other to shut up but at the end of the day, you don’t mean anything by it.”

Sounds pretty normal to us!

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Since the couple writes this show together, a lot of experiences in their personal lives fuel the storyline.

“For example, this happened in real life -- I was crossing the street with my son and he pointed at the walking man, and he said to a very lovely african american couple crossing ‘Hey! The white man didn’t tell you to walk yet!’” says Jason. “I was like ‘No! No! Stop that!’”

Hear more about “The Detour” and his wife’s new show “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” in the video above, and check out the hilarious game he and Rach played together below.

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