Did Gabourey Sidibe's Psychic Stepmom Predict Her Fame?


Playing Did Gabourey Sidibe’s Psychic Stepmom Predict Her Fame?
Did Gabourey Sidibe’s Psychic Stepmom Predict Her Fame? Aired May 05, 2017

Is Oscar-nominated “Empire” star Gabourey Sidibe’s stepmom psychic? Does she ride a tricycle?

We got the answers to these questions when she played a fun game with Rach: Two Truths and a Lie. Can you guess which one is the lie?

No. 1: Gabourey’s psychic mom predicted her fame (+ that she would have twins).

No. 2: Gabourey rides a tricycle around the “Empire” set.

No. 3: Gabourey can’t swim.

Watch the video above to find out!

Gabourey, who got boatloads of awards nominations for her role in 2009’s “Precious,” recently added author to her resume with the publication of her new book This Is Just My Face, Try Not To Stare. She says the hardest part to write was the chapter on dating.

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“It’s like the worst thing in the world because it’s like a numbers game -- you have to keep dating,” she says.

Another problem? “I super hate people,” Gabourey says.

Ultimately when she does find Mr. Right, you can count on one thing. “He’s gotta be dumber than me. I will not be the dumb one in the relationship,” she deadpans.

Unlike a lot of celebs, she didn’t co-write the book or hire a ghostwriter. “I wrote every word of it. I took three years to write it and I’m going to be real smug about it, too,” she tells Rach. The process of writing was cathartic for her. She explains, “I just decided to do therapy in a book and then sell it.”

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President Barack Obama is quoted on the book jacket, and the way she got that quote is hilarious. She met him several years ago at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and when they were introduced, he told her, “You’re the bomb, girl.” So, even though the compliment was for her and not the book, she decided to use the quote, figuring that if he sues her, she’ll get to see him again. LOL

Watch the video below for more about her book and to see Gabourey and Rach toast Cinco de Mayo.

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