Chrissy Teigen on Baby Luna's Favorite Foods: It Breaks My Heart When She Won't Eat What I Make!

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Can you believe Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s baby, Luna, is already A YEAR OLD?!

Somebody stop time, please? Just look at this adorable face!

“Seriously, what are the odds that this was not going to be the best looking baby on the face of the planet earth?” asks Rach.

“I think it helps that John and I both look like babies,” says Chrissy. “So… we kind of knew what our baby would look like.”

LOL only Chrissy...

But don’t let that cute little baby face fool you, she’s a heart-breaker when it comes to eating the food mommy makes -- which is a pretty big deal for a foodie like Chrissy.

“If I try to steam green beans or puree them, she will not eat that,” says Chrissy. “She loves my mom’s scalloped potatoes, she loves real food, but she will NOT eat my own food which kind of breaks my heart. I take it personally!”

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But wait, it gets better.

“But if John feeds her, she’ll be like ‘Dada! Dada!’ and she’ll eat anything!” says Chrissy. “Moms, you know there is just no getting around it. They just love their daddy.”

Just look at these two!


Another great guy in Chrissy and Luna’s life is Chrissy’s Lip Sync Battle co-star LL Cool J!

Rachael Ray Show

“All ladies love him because, yes, he’s handsome, but ladies love him because he treats them with such respect,” says Rach. “He is such a gentleman, I just adore him!”

“I get to go to work with LL Cool J every day!” says Chrissy. “There have been times where I have been crying on set and he has given me the biggest pep talk of all time.”

But the best thing about him so far for Rach is that the last time he was here, he pinky swore that she could be a contestant on Lip Sync Battle!

As far as who Chrissy would put her up against?

“I want a REAL battle,” says Chrissy. “I want like Ina, I want Paula -- I want it to get DIRTY.”

Ha, okay, Chrissy! We sure are looking forward to THAT upcoming episode!

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