Lake Bell Tattoos Her Husband Every Time She Wishes for Something Big

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How’s THAT for getting your intentions out into the world!

Lake Bell stopped by to dish on her new movie, “I Do… Until I Don’t” — which, by the way, she wrote, directed and starred in — and revealed something pretty bold: Every time she wishes for something big, she tattoos it somewhere on her tattoo artist husband, Scott Campbell.

“He always jokes that his body is like the bathroom wall at CBGBs,” Lake begins. “He doesn’t, like, delicately think about every tattoo.” (Although, he does have one particularly special tattoo: “Lake,” in old English script down the side of his back.)

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But because of his loose tattooing policy, Scott’s actually let Lake tattoo him many times — even though she has no clue how to tattoo. But it’s for a very special cause! “So the thing is, we have this way of praying, in a way,” Lake explains, “which is to send positive energy or juju out there, when we really, really want something — and we only use it when it’s really important — he’s like, ‘Tattoo it on me.’"

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She says that the first time she ever did it was when she submitted her movie “In a World” to Sundance, which made her so nervous, “I just started crying. And he was like, ‘Ugh, what do I do? Here take this.’ And he takes his tattoo needles and he’s like, ‘Tattoo it on me.’”

So she tattooed the word “Sundance” down his leg — except she spelled it wrong! (No big, though, she went back and edited it.)

Lake also talked about her son, Ozzi, who she welcomed three weeks ago — much to her 3-year-old daughter Nova’s dismay. “It’s hard! I get it,” Lake says. “You know, she’s the center of the universe, and then all of a sudden we’re like, [mimes rocking baby]. She’ll take her bouncy ball and hit it at his head, and I’m like, “Please don’t do that. Please don’t do that!’”

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