Yep, Eva Longoria Used to Work at Wendy’s — Here’s the Secret Behind Her Favorite Burger


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Yep, Eva Longoria Used to Work at Wendy’s Aired September 18, 2017

In honor of National Cheeseburger Day — which is today, woot! — Rach invited someone very special to the studio to help her whip up one of her famous burgs: Eva Longoria.


Well, then, you probably don’t know this: Before Eva Longoria became a big Hollywood star, she worked at Wendy’s, where, it turns out, she picked up some pretty serious burger building tips.

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The trick to building the perfect cheeseburger, she says? It’s all in the condiments.

“What we learned at Wendy’s was mayonnaise goes on the bun first, to seal the bun, so the bun stays nice,” she says. “Then you put the ketchup. And [then] mustard goes on the meat, because it brings out the flavor of meat.”

Cracking up, Rach says, “I love that there’s actually a Wendy’s school! There’s a science to how all the condiments are stacked.”

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They finished the cheeseburger off with jalapeños, which, Eva confessed, she also likes to put on her popcorn. “I pour the juice all over it,” the actress explains, “and then, if someone’s wanting to share popcorn with me, they’re like, ‘Ahhhh!’” But Rach is all about it: “That’s a great tip!”

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Oh, and do you love Eva’s army-green, monochromatic ensemble? Turns out, she’s wearing her own threads, from the Eva Longoria collection. “[My clothes are] easy to wear and comfortable,” she says. “I want to physically feel comfortable — does the material feel comfortable? — but also, do you feel comfortable in your skin?”

Looking at Eva, we’d say, mission accomplished!

Watch more of Eva's chat with Rach below!

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