Does Jake Gyllenhaal Watch His Own Movies?

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Playing Jake Gyllenhaal on Watching Himself on Screen
Jake Gyllenhaal on Watching Himself on Screen Aired December 29, 2017

Is Jake Gyllenhaal into watching his own movies?

Well, yeah, kind of!

(And can you blame him?)

The Oscar-nominated actor stopped by (for the first time EVER!) to talk about his movie “Stronger,” inspired by Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman’s memoir. And while Jake enjoys spending most of his time in front of the camera, he’s usually not mad at the finished product, either — usually.

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“There are moments where I’m like, ‘Whoa! I look a LOT younger there!’” says Jake, joking, “I don’t want to see that!”

But, he admits, “I do like seeing what I couldn’t really watch in the moment. You know, we look at photographs of ourselves and we see experiences—“

“It’s so different when you look back at it!” Rach agrees. “Like, ‘Whoa, I did not remember it that way.’ You can really look at the whole world through a different pair of glasses when you look back.”

Couldn’t agree more, Rach!

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