Anthony Anderson Reveals Why He Couldn't Cast His Own Son in "Black-ish"

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Playing Why Anthony Anderson Couldn't Cast His Son on "Black-ish"

When Anthony Anderson stopped by our studio, he had plenty to share, from the worst punishment he ever received — it involved a baby grand piano! — to his go-to karaoke song.

But quite possibly our favorite reveal?

The fact that he really wanted to cast his son, actor Nathan, in his hit ABC series, "Black-ish."

"My son is a young, talented actor, following in my footsteps," Anthony begins. "Has a new show that’s going to be on Netflix with Rev Run. They’re starting in January, and he’s going to play Rev Run’s son."

Then, he dishes, "I wanted him to be Andre Jr. on 'Black-ish,' but my son’s cool factor… You know, he just has a little too much swag, and I don’t know where he gets it from. I sometimes question if he’s mine or not. His swag factor is just off the charts! And we needed him not to be goofy, but just be a nerdy kid, and he couldn’t shake that. And so I couldn’t cast him!"

We feel you, Nathan — the struggles of being cool!

And let's not forget Anthony's daughter, who's a senior in college studying sociology. "She wants to change the world," he says.

Get it, girl!

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