Gabrielle Union-Wade on Being a Stepmom to Her Husband, Basketball Pro Dwyane Wade's 3 Boys

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As an actress, author and newly minted designer (for New York & Co.!), Gabrielle Union-Wade is certainly one busy bee! But there's one thing she always makes time for — her family.

Not that it's always easy being a stepmom to her husband, basketball pro Dwyane Wade's three boys!

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Gabrielle says she was "sold" on Dwyane not only because he's "very cute" ("He's got a nice butt!"), but because, "He's a great dad."

"And do they love stepmom?" asks Rach.

"I hope so!" says Gabrielle with a laugh.

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That said, she notes, "Being a stepparent is incredibly difficult. You never quite know your space. No one ever thanks the stepmom! No matter what you do, no one ever is like, 'And I just want to say a shoutout to—' [or] 'And I'm gonna buy my stepmama a mansion when I make it big.'"

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But all jokes aside, the "Being Mary Jane" actress says, "It's also awesome knowing that — even without any outside validation — that you're a consistent, compassionate, loving adult who puts the kids' joy and their peace of mind and their innocence first."

No, you're tearing up.

Watch more from Gabrielle's chat with Rach in the video above!

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